Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Serving God Through Creativity

Is there any point in going back to sleep? No. I need to be up again in an our and a half to take J to the station. I have a sleeping baby next to me who woke me up an hour ago wanting milk. This is very unusual, but possibly a sign that she needs bit more than milk now. We have started a bit of baby porrdige to help with the reflux, but I've been going with what she seems to want and today she was not interested at all and so has not had any.


...as is traditional for a person lying awake in the wee small hours, I am thinking about Stuff. To sort through the wooliness of my thoughts I will present the Stuff as a list.

1. I am adoring being at home with my girls.
2. I really feel that me not working is better for them, and us as a family.
3. Ergo, I do NOT want to go back to work. (The "NOT" in capitals serves to show how strongly I feel about this, as does the follow up explaination of the capitals with the brackets!)
4. How can my staying at home with them be achieved?
5. By being financially viable.
6. Why does everything have to come down to money?
7. Because it does.
8. Fine. So what can I do to earn money at home?
9. I know the answer.
10. I am very creative. I would like to use this creativity (drawing card designs?) to make enough money to mean that I don't need to go back to work. I don't mean a fortune. But just enough. 
11. I would also like to use my creativity for God, as it is He who gave me this gift. When we were at Greenbelt in 2010 I felt very strongly that He is calling me to use my creativity for him, but I have not made much of a go at it so far, being stymied by things like looking after children on  practical level, and self doubt on an emotional level.
12. I had two prophetic images given to me at a prayer meeting. One was of an open book, with pages being turned. The other was of a staircase with a door the top. Are these linked with my quest for serving God with creativity? I'm still mulling over them.
13. So, I need an action plan. Does this mean a new list?
14. Yes.

Action Plan -
1. Find some time everyday for quiet reflection and bible study.
2. Really listen to God.
3. Get going on the drawings (because they won't draw themselves).
4. Trust God. He's never let me down yet.

And while we're on the subject - here's one I did earlier.

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  1. I love your fish drawings. Blessings as you seek to start a small business. Thing of some way to use our talents to meet people's needs--that's a sure way to start. Also something repeatable and leveraged--that you can sell many times over. Pray for some way to get repeated income from your designs--have them on pottery or ceramics or cards for instance.
    Blessings, Beth!