Monday, 5 March 2012

An evening in...

Jeremy is having a rare evening in which means he is sitting on the sofa bugging me while I update my blogg and just generally arse about on the internet, and do a bit of knitting, which is pretty much what I do in the evenings. There are times I long for us to be "normal" but actually it would probably drive me insane if I had him under my feet every night. I quite like having sole charge of the remote once the girls are in bed!

We're into a good routine with Jemima now - I get her ready for bed with Tabitha at about 8.00pm and she has a bottle while we do bedtime stories (Tabitha reads it now more often than not). Then I put her down in the crib and set the mobile going, and she falls asleep pretty quickly (quicker than Tabitha!) Then I give her another bottle about 11pm, sometimes she wakes up but more often than not she stays asleep. Once I put her back down she goes right through till morning, today it was 8.00am and even then she was happy to lie there until I had finshed the packed lunch and given Tabs her breakfast.

I need to explain what animation is to Tabitha. Tonight we were watching her Snoopy DVD and she wanted to know how old the person was "inside" Snoopy.I tried to explain how animation works but was not very successful! Perhaps we need to make a flick book!

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